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Visit Sealand



Church and East are pleased to announce that they plan to arrange visits to the Principality during the 2008.   These will be available to groups of 1 to 5 people, subject to normal Principality visa requirements, weather and operational restrictions.



Visa and transport charges [per person]: 

Visa application:  SX$100 [GBP 50, E65]

Return journey:  SX$160 [GBP 80, E85]


Additional costs:


Day Trip: SX$100 [£50, E80] per person

One night full board: SX$200 [£100, E160] per person, per night

Transport: (maximum 5 people)

Weekend stay [2 nights], : SX$300, [£150, E240] per person


If you would like to book a visit to Sealand, please email us with your dates and requirements and they will be considered according to normal operational arrangements.  At least one month's notice is recommended.


Please be aware that the above details are for tourists only.  Media visits have to be arranged separately.  If you are a media organisation and would like to visit Sealand please feel free to email us for further information. 



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